Samsung’s loss is Microsoft’s gain –


In the ongoing battle for the supremacy of the exploding smartphone and tablet device market Apple’s courtroom drama with Samsung over patent infringement has blown the landscape wide open. What has been advertised as a straight fight between Apple and Samsung is actually a little more complex than that. The role that Google’s Android mobile operating system has had to play in all this has far reaching implications for the industry.

Hardware companies writing software

Samsung are a hardware company. Apple are also a hardware company but they develop software too. Samsung have implemented an augmented version of Google’s Android to drive their devices and it’s this combination that was at the centre of the legal action. Samsung are not the only vender using an Android based system. The choice of operating systems for venders is limited. Apple tightly control their iOS system and so other, non apple devices are unable  to use it. Therefore Android or the emerging Windows Mobile platform (first 7 and now 8) are the only two options for everybody else. Android’s openness combined with Windows’ lateness to market has made this decision, up to now, a relatively straight forward one. Almost every hardware manufacturer is augmenting and deploying an Android based system.

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