This event took place in May. The video of the session is available if your purchase access. However I will be re recording it shortly and adding it below. In the mean time you can see the blerb for the event.

With the rise of mobile we, as web designers, now have a few more things to worry about. No longer can we simply concern ourselves with browsers and screen resolutions; now the physical environment in which our websites and applications are used plays a huge role in the design process.

Web design is not just about building websites. Its about providing relevant content and functionality within the context that our users are accessing our services. In this talk Rob looks at how to understand your users context and the potential implications for the services that you provide.

Lessons you will learn include:
What makes up the users context.
What impact this context has on how users access online services.
How do we discover what the users context is?
Do I need an app for that?

Future of web design london 2012