Culture club

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Yes they were an 80′s pop group. No that is not what this post is about. Did you know that your team has a culture? Well it’s true. And whether or not you are aware of it there are certain things about your team and the way it works that are defined by it. How […]

Give your team room to express themselves

Paul Boag, one of the founders and directors of Headscape, once said; “We specialise in sh*t projects.” If, like me, you run projects for a normal, every day web agency. If you do not always get the opportunity to be working with the latest cool technology or utilize the next whizz bang idea. If you […]

Project managers: the great ambassadors of our time

A big, if not the biggest, part of my job as a web project manager is dealing with clients. This is actually the part of the job I enjoy the most and see the client as, very much, a part of the project team. I have found that an honest and transparent approach is best when dealing with query’s and problems […]

Team Building: Not Just a Frivolous Expense

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We are in the middle of arguably the deepest recession in modern history. When times are tough it becomes a necessity to cut costs and save money. Often the first thing to go are the fun, social, team building activities. After all, such things are not essential, are they? While I can understand the thinking behind such […]

Confidence is king

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Confidence plays an important role in many areas of our lives. You will often here it said of footballer, for example, that they are a confidence player. I know from my own inability to play golf that I become marginally less rubbish if I have confidence in my next shot. Leaders who lead directly and with confidence are people that we want […]

Reduced to stereotypes

I’m often asked questions about the differences between working with designers and developers. Today an article I wrote for was published which takes a brief look at this question. Don’t Reduce Your Designers And Developers To Stereotypes

It’s OK to not know.

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“I don’t know” is actually a valid answer to a problem. “Let me think about that” is not an excuse to waste time. “I think I should discuss this problem with my peers” doesn’t present you as incapable. No need to be infallible We all want to be seen in the best light. We don’t […]

Make a path together

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Working with a team can be hard work. It’s made even more difficult when you are not all pulling in the same direction. This is true whether you are running a small project team or a whole organisation. You have two real approaches available to you. The first to to push on with your wonderful […]

Warm body syndrome

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We’ve all been there. There is a hole in your team, a job that needs to be done. Maybe somebody has moved on leaving a vacancy or your activities have expanded to such an extent that new skills or more resource is needed. And what’s more, you need it now! The temptation is to fill […]

Solutions not problems

It’s very easy to indentify when something is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small one person task or a large project being undertaken by a whole team of people, finding issues is normally…  no, I would say, always possible; even easy to do. By spotting a problem you are nothing new. You are […]