Agile day-to-day

So far I have talked a little about why we have decided to use agile at Dootrix and what the big picture looks like. Now I want to take some time to talk about the specifics of how it works day-to-day. Our use of agile is anchored around the principle of delivering working software every […]

Agile at Dootrix

Following on from last weeks article about how our agile teams operate at Dootrix I thought that I would offer a little more detail on the reasons why we chose agile and how we implement it day to day.

How we do agile

At Dootrix we run our software teams using the agile framework. In all of my previous roles as a developer, consultant or project manager a variant of Prince 2 has been the project delivery mechanism or choice. So, now that I run my own shop, why have we opted to use agile instead?

Mobile development sprints –

When starting a new mobile app development project isolating the features that really matter is very important. You do not need to develop an entire wish list of features in one go. This can actually be very damaging to your project in the long run. Read more about how Dootrix use development ‘sprints’ when starting work with a new […]

Give your team room to express themselves

Paul Boag, one of the founders and directors of Headscape, once said; “We specialise in sh*t projects.” If, like me, you run projects for a normal, every day web agency. If you do not always get the opportunity to be working with the latest cool technology or utilize the next whizz bang idea. If you […]

Project managers: the great ambassadors of our time

A big, if not the biggest, part of my job as a web project manager is dealing with clients. This is actually the part of the job I enjoy the most and see the client as, very much, a part of the project team. I have found that an honest and transparent approach is best when dealing with query’s and problems […]

Reduced to stereotypes

I’m often asked questions about the differences between working with designers and developers. Today an article I wrote for was published which takes a brief look at this question. Don’t Reduce Your Designers And Developers To Stereotypes

Managing Risk

Risk, in the land of project management, is anything that could potentially get in the way of your project going according to plan and being delivered on time. There are two types of risk; those that you can do something about, and, yes you guessed it, those that you can’t. Let me give you some […]

This week on

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Paul obviously ran out of interesting people to interview this week and so rolled out the perennial plan B. Me. If you want to listen me talk about the joys of Project Management the checkout the latest podcast.