The rise of the muppet

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In recent weeks and months I have been thinking a lot about the place of openness, honesty and authenticity when running a business. I’ve been reading the inspiring Culture Shock by Will McInnes and one of the major themes that I have been struck by is the role of failure within an organisation.

Confidence is king

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Confidence plays an important role in many areas of our lives. You will often here it said of footballer, for example, that they are a confidence player. I know from my own inability to play golf that I become marginally less rubbish if I have confidence in my next shot. Leaders who lead directly and with confidence are people that we want […]

It’s OK to not know.

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“I don’t know” is actually a valid answer to a problem. “Let me think about that” is not an excuse to waste time. “I think I should discuss this problem with my peers” doesn’t present you as incapable. No need to be infallible We all want to be seen in the best light. We don’t […]

Make a path together

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Working with a team can be hard work. It’s made even more difficult when you are not all pulling in the same direction. This is true whether you are running a small project team or a whole organisation. You have two real approaches available to you. The first to to push on with your wonderful […]

Warm body syndrome

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We’ve all been there. There is a hole in your team, a job that needs to be done. Maybe somebody has moved on leaving a vacancy or your activities have expanded to such an extent that new skills or more resource is needed. And what’s more, you need it now! The temptation is to fill […]

Management: productively unproductive

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Confidence plays a major part in leading a team. I’m not talking about a blind arrogance that assumes that you are always right but instead a confidence that leads you to feel that you do not have to constantly prove yourself. A Manager serving his owns needs is not much use to the team they […]

Like breeds like…

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If you have ever wondered why your team is what it is, then it is possible that you should look no further. Just like children often pick up traits, characteristics, and mannerisms of their parents, and “best friends” will find that they think and behave alike, teams will often take on the personality and ethos […]