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As technology has advanced and the love affair between consumers and their mobile phones has intensified, you could say that the invasion of personal computing equipment into the enterprise space has been inevitable. However, few could have predicted the pace at which the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon has taken hold. 

The BYOD phenomenon

Just a couple of years ago the iPad didn’t exist and the idea of employees using personal smartphones for corporate email and applications was beyond consideration. Now, according to Forrester, nearly 60% of organisations are embracing a BYOD programme. We herd from Apples Tim Cook  at the recent launch of the iPad mini that 80% of fortune 500 companies are rolling out or trialing iPads. I find this claim very easy to believe simply by considering the new work and enquiries that come across my desk at Dootrix.

Previously mobility in enterprise meant that the selected few, company executives and salespeople, would be handed a standard issue BlackBerry. Now BYOD means that employees can bring their own smartphones and tablets and connect them to corporate systems. This is a great advance. Employees love to bring their own devices into the office. And mobile, connected employees are happier and more productive. As the owner of enterprise IT you just need to be confident of the security and management capabilities of your infrastructure so that you can make the most of this opportunity. Simple?

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