The rise of the muppet

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In recent weeks and months I have been thinking a lot about the place of openness, honesty and authenticity when running a business. I’ve been reading the inspiring Culture Shock by Will McInnes and one of the major themes that I have been struck by is the role of failure within an organisation.

Agile day-to-day

So far I have talked a little about why we have decided to use agile at Dootrix and what the big picture looks like. Now I want to take some time to talk about the specifics of how it works day-to-day. Our use of agile is anchored around the principle of delivering working software every […]

Why Microsoft are still the guys to beat –

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Department of Defense licenses $617 million in Microsoft products – I could end the article there really. The enterprise space is still in love with Microsoft. Read more on

Agile at Dootrix

Following on from last weeks article about how our agile teams operate at Dootrix I thought that I would offer a little more detail on the reasons why we chose agile and how we implement it day to day.

Mobile apps must offer something different –

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At Dootrix we have recently been engaged in a consultancy exercise  for EURSIN who provide web and mobile communications services to the European Union in Brussels. Following our work with them they have now successfully developed and launched their News Room app for iOS. Read more about what we discovered on

How we do agile

At Dootrix we run our software teams using the agile framework. In all of my previous roles as a developer, consultant or project manager a variant of Prince 2 has been the project delivery mechanism or choice. So, now that I run my own shop, why have we opted to use agile instead?

Mobile development sprints –

When starting a new mobile app development project isolating the features that really matter is very important. You do not need to develop an entire wish list of features in one go. This can actually be very damaging to your project in the long run. Read more about how Dootrix use development ‘sprints’ when starting work with a new […]

iPad mini is perfect for business and enterprise –

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Apple have been making steady progress into business and enterprise. The iPad has been picked up by many organisations for its power, portability, and the shear joy consumers experience when they use it. Employees who use their iPad’s day to day want that same experience from their business IT too. Apple has also made strong […]

Samsung’s loss is Microsoft’s gain –

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In the ongoing battle for the supremacy of the exploding smartphone and tablet device market Apple’s courtroom drama with Samsung over patent infringement has blown the landscape wide open. What has been advertised as a straight fight between Apple and Samsung is actually a little more complex than that. The role that Google’s Android mobile operating system […]