A Team Player

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After some head scratching; trying to think of a subject to write about on this fledgling blog that, 1) I know anything about and, 2) that might be remotely interesting for the masses, I think I’ve got something to run with.

Everybody has to work in a team in one way or another. While being able to work in isolation; self motivating in your dark little cupboard is a fantastic asset to have, being able to effectively be a part of a team is a must have skill. Whether you are leading the teams you are in or are just another cog in the machine, together we are going to attempt to explore how we effectively contribute to the team environment, both for the good of group and the good ourselves.

Like me, you may be a small part of some teams, while leading others. We have people above us, below us, as well as our peers. How we interact with these people has a massive impact on our own, as well as our teams, effectiveness. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have experienced working with good bosses or team leaders know of the positive impact it can have on our lives. Sadly, I’m sure all of us know of the negatives attached to being under a bad boss.  How do we deal with these situations when they arise and how do we be that positive influence we all crave.

I intend on sharing some of my experiences from working in the web design & IT industry as both a team member and team lead, teaching in a secondary school, and volunteering at a local church to try and get at the root of these group dynamics and the sway we, as individuals, have over them.